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Question of the Day 25 Nov 2017

Neha's father was reading the manual of a camera which was in very small print. He was not able to read comfortably. Neha had two convex lens A and B of focal length 25 cm and 40 cm respectively. She gave the better of the two lenses to her father. He then read the manual comfortably without any strain in his eyes.

Now answer the following question.
(a) Which one of the two convex lenses did she gave to her father and why?
(b) What is the power of the lens A and B?
(c) What is the range of the distance that his father can keep the manual from the lens for comfortable reading?
(d) Unfortunately while handling the better of the two lenses, it got slipped from her father hand and broke into two piece. Will her father still be able to use the broken pieces for magnifying the small prints? 

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  1. 1)better will be of focal length 40 cm because image will formed at -66.66cm and by using focal length of 25cm image will formed at infinity.
    2)power of lens A is 4d and B is 2.5 d


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