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MCQs on Physics Practicals


1. A cell, a resistor, a key and ammeter are arranged as shown in the circuit diagrams. The current recorded in the ammeter will be

(a) maximum in (i)
(b) maximum in (ii)
(c) maximum in (iii)
(d) the same in all the cases

2. In the following circuits, heat produced in the resistor or combination of resistors connected to a 12 V battery will be

(a) same in all the cases
(b) minimum in case (i)
(c) maximum in case (ii)
(d) maximum in case (iii)

3. Electrical resistivity of a given metallic wire depends upon
(a) its length
(b) its thickness
(c) its shape
(d) nature of the material

4. A current of 1 A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb. Number of electrons passing through a cross section of the filament in 16 seconds would be roughly
(a) 10 raise to the power 20
(b) 10 raise to the power 16
(c) 10 raise to the power 18
(d) 10 raise to the power 23

5. Which of the circuit components in the following circuit diagrtam are connected in parallel?

   (a)    R1 and R2 only
   (b)   R2 and V only
   (c)   R1 and V only
   (d)   R1, R2 and V

6. The readings of the current flowing through a conductor and the potential difference across its two ends are shown in the ammeter and voltmeter given below. The resistance of the conductor would be

 (a)    20 ohms
 (b)   5.0 ohms
 (c)    2.0 ohms
 (d)   0.2 ohms

7. To determine the equivalent resistance of a series combination of two resistors R1 and R2, a student arrange the following set up.

Which of the following statements will be true for this circuit? It gives
(a)    Incorrect reading for current I and potential difference V both.
(b)   Correct reading for current I, but incorrect reading for potential difference V.
(c)    Correct reading for potential difference V but incorrect reading for current I
(d)   Correct reading for both V and I

8. What will happen to the current passing through a conductor if potential difference across it is doubled and the resistance is halved?
(a)    Remains unchanged
(b)   Becomes double
(c)    Becomes halved
(d)   Becomes four times

9. In the experiment to study the dependence of current on potential difference across a resistor, a student obtained a graph as shown in the diagram.

The value of resistance of the resistor is
(a)    0.1 ohms
(b)   1.0 ohms
(c)    10 ohms
(d)   100 ohms

10. For the circuits shown in figure I and II the ammeter reading would be:

(a)    1 A in circuit I and 0 A in circuit II
(b)   0 A in both circuits
(c)    1 A in both circuits
(d)   0 A in circuit I and 1 A in circuit II

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