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Physics sample Paper 2

        1.  The voltage – current (V – I) graph of a metallic conductor at two different temperature T1 and T2 is shown below. At which temperature is the resistance higher?


2. In the circuit diagram shown, the two resistance wires A and B are if same area of cross section and same material, but A is longer than B. Which ammeter A1 or A2 will indicate higher for current? Give reason.

 3. A student while studying the force experienced by a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field records the following observations.
(i)       The force experienced by the conductor increases as the current is increased.
(ii)      The force experienced by the conductor decreases as the strength of the magnetic field is increased.
Which of the two observation is correct and why?

4.  How would the reading of voltmeter (V) change if it is connected between B and C? Justify your answer.

5.  What would be the reading of ammeter and voltmeter in the given circuit?

6.  Two conducting wires of same material, equal length and equal diameter are first connected in series and then in parallel. Compare the equivalent resistance in two cases.

7.  What change in the deflection of the compass needle placed at a point near current carrying straight conductor shall be observed if the –
(a)    Current through the conductor is increased?
(b)    Direction of current in the conductor is reversed?
(c)    Compass is moved away from the conductor?

8.  What are magnetic field lines? List any two characteristics of field lines. Draw the pattern of magnetic field of lines due to a current carrying circular loop.

9.  Draw the schematic diagram showing common domestic circuit.

10. State the function of an earth wire? Why is it necessary to earth metallic appliances such as an electric iron?

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