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Evaluation is determining the worth or value of learning process.It gives feedback to the teacher and student about the design and implementation of learning. The test are the tools for assessing the progress of a student in a learning process. In a modern digital world, the test scores are available immediately on simply submitting the online test. We here have plenty of online tests available for the curriculum of class IX and X Physics.

You can attempt these online tests providing your email address. The result of the test will be available immediately.
The following are the tests available on this blog 'Physics is Fun'. 

Click on any one of the test to start.

Chapter 1: Electricity (Class X)
Test 1: Electricity Basic Concepts - 1
Test 2: Electricity Basic Concepts - 2
Test 3: Electricity Basic concepts - 3
Test 4: Electricity test - Circuits and Graphs
Test 5: Electricity test - Circuits and graphs -2
Test 6: Electricity test - Circuit Problems
Test 7: Electricity test - SI units and measuring devices
Test 8: Electricity test -Quiz
Test 9: Electricity test (Ohm's law)

Chapter 3: Light - Reflection and refraction (Class X)
Test 1.   Spherical lenses
Test 2.   Reflection and Refraction part-1

Chapter 4: Human Eye - The colourful world (Class X)
Test 1.   Defects of vision - 1
Test 2:.  Defects of vision - 2

Chapter: Flotation (Class IX)
Test 1: Archimedes' Principle

Chapter: Motion (Class IX)
Test 1: Distance and Displacement
Test 2: Motion in one dimension


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  4. Too good tests .. But please do the grading better .. Some answers are checked wrong .. Thank You ..

    1. Thanks for your response. Pl specify the test and questions which are checked wrong.

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