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This web page gives the details of all the posts related to the study material.
The target users of this blog are the Physics students at the secondary level. The study material available in this blog are:

Theme: Electricity

1.  The story of electricity
2.   Electric Current.
3.   Electric Potential
4.   Ohm's Law
5.   Resistance and resistivity
6.   Combinations of resistors
7.   Heating effect of electric current
8.   Electric power

Theme: Magnetism

1.   Oersted experiment and tracing of field lines
2.   Magnetic field due to a current carrying straight conductor
3.   Magnetic field due to a current carrying circular coil
4.   Solenoid
5.   Force on a current carrying wire/Fleming's left hand rule
6.   Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)
7.   Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC)
8.   Electric motor
9.   Domestic Electric Circuit

Theme: Light: Reflection and Refraction
1.   Nature of light
2.   Reflection of light
3.   Laws of reflection
4.   Reflection of light by a plane mirror
5.   Spherical mirrors
6.    Human Eye - Accommodation

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