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Many students complaint that Physics is a tough and dry subject but believe me it’s not true. Physics is full of fun and enjoyment. It depends on the way how you study Physics.

Conventionally, there are two approaches to learning Physics
(1)   By doing experiments i.e.  experimental Physics
Michael Faraday, Galileo, C.V. Raman, Rutherford were experimental Physicist.

(2)   By understanding a given phenomenon /concept or theory using already understood concepts of Physics and Mathematics i.e. Theoretical Physics
Einstein, Heisenberg, Feynman were theoretical physicists.

Einstein was also considered as experimental Physicist because of his experiments on photoelectric effect. His special theory of relativity is a complete theoretical.

Some students find so easy in doing experiments. They know how to control apparatus, environmental variables and enjoy the process of experimentation.  While doing experiments sometimes they may discovers some interesting facts about the nature. Like Faraday discover electromagnetic induction when he accidently throw magnet through a coil.

Such students love doing the experiments and understand physics in this way.

On the other hand, some students find themselves in a difficult situation while doing experiments. Unable to control the apparatus and environmental conditions and poor in record keeping the tracks of observations and events they lost the experiment in midway. Some of such students are actually good in understanding concepts. They know why such things happen in nature and how the things will behave in a given set of conditions. They can build mind map, have a great imagination, can think of interrelation between different variable in an imaginary or hypothetical experiment.

Einstein and Feynman belongs to this category of physics.
Apart from these two conventional approaches, the modern digital world has given us a lot of options to understand physics in a better way such as Technology aided Learning, simulations, YouTube videos, animations, virtual labs, science cartoons, online tests and quizzes etc

This blog ‘Physics is Fun’ created to bring all the approaches at one place. We Use more than two appropriates approaches for a given topic for better understanding of concept and at the same time making it fun and enjoyable.

Imagination is very important in physics in both the conventional approaches. Using modern digital tools, imagination f a child can be enhanced and facilitated.
So watch YouTube videos, simulations, do experiments on virtual lab, take online test and most important enjoy Physics and have Fun.
The target group of this blog is the students at the secondary Level of CBSE.
With time this blog will be extending for higher levels and for competitive exams.

Avnesh Kumar


  1. avnesh, my friend, you are superb... well done...!! you have inspired me to follow your path... help me to make blog for chemistry..!

  2. Avnesh ,my friend, you are superb...well done..!! you have inspired me to follow your path... help me to make blog for chemistry....Bhupen


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